I heart Mondays with Mrs. French!

Hi sweet blissfulls!
Melissa from "Melissa loves" here!
I adore the monday posts over here in the lovely Mrs. French's neck o' the woods!
I consider it a great honor to be "hearting" in her stead whilst she is off on a last minute trip to visit family!
I sure hope you like my picks and happy Monday to you all!
Thank you for having me :)

1. I heart this little bunny

2....and I heart this warm little tree!

3 I heart this sweet elephant necklace so very much!

4 I heart these simple and beautiful ornaments

5 I heart these sweet, shiny and beautiful little earrings

6 These gorgeous tags are just meant for hearting!

7. I heart everything "hank" makes

8.I heart this tee, don't give up, I sure won't!

9. *sigh* I heart these beautiful brooches/belts

10. I heart this "gnarly" mirror !

11 I heart this colorful dress, perfect for the holidays I think!

12. I heart this little bird and the fact that he sings whenever someone walks by!

13. I heart this beautiful pillow....

14. I heart this nightlight so.....I think it is great for anyone to add a little whimsy to their lives!

15 Heart, heart, heart these garlands all over the place and so happy they are being sold in the US now!

16. I heart this painter with a passion....I believe I was introduced to her by the lovely Holly.

17 I heart these shoes and think they are divine! I found them via the sweet Ez

18 Heart these gorgeous earrings so much!

19. I heart our new president and this cool poster!

20 I heart wolves and this one is no exception!

Thank you darling Tracy, whom I also heart!

Thank you for asking me to participate and hope everyone enjoyed my hearts!