a compromise

I love Mr. French, I really do.  I believe part of the reason I fell for this man of mine was because of his ability to stand by his beliefs...which could also be considered just plain old stubbornness.  Through our 10 years together I have found ways to work through this stubbornness and found a way to get what I want...and many times have found that in the end we actually want the same things, we just come at them in different ways.  

This has definitely been the case when it comes to our travels.  I choose Paris, Vienna, and London and he chooses skiing.  Nowhere in particular...if our destination includes a chunk of rock you can ski down it's a go....I have found the ultimate win/win...

...the French alps!  A lovely chalet surrounded by snowy mountains and if flying into Paris is our only option, well so be it!   a girl can dream, and the fact that I actually include Mr. French's wishes in this little holiday really just shows what a giving, selfless wife I am....Mr. French is a very lucky guy...xo mrs. french