Admit it...part of what we do as bloggers, and readers of this type of blog is develop crushes (blog crushes, etsy crushes, flickr crushes...etc.).  I develop a new crush on a daily basis....and through those crushes sometimes a meaningful relationship begins.  That is what has happened with enhabiten.  It was love at first sight.  I adore everything in her etsy shop.  Actually my crush/relationship has sort of developed into more of a stalker/stalkee type thing....my house is full of her beautiful pieces!  Then last night as I was innocently perusing flickr I stumbled upon these bits of loveliness!  I adore them, my fingers couldn't type fast enough...one is on its way to me!  I am hoping she can keep up, because I have a feeling that these sweet cushions with sentiment are going to make your quiet cushions a bit jealous....
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thank you dear liane for giving me so many reasons to admire you over and over again...xo mrs. french