the perfect gift.

Yesterday I got a package in the mail...Mr. French proceeded with his regular groan, followed by "what did you buy?"  to my surprise, nothing!  I became elated when I noticed it was from here.  It was a birthday present.  Very late, considering my birthday was in November, but the perfect time nonetheless...

I would have figured it out without even reading the was from my little sister.  She chose a gift that was just right...perfect timing, perfect in every way....It is her birthday today!

(the strapping fellow is my equally wonderful brother in law)
A wonderful day for me too...the day that honors my very first perfect Tara (b's aunty t).  You are everything to me...I miss you dearly and love you more than I could ever tell best friend, my sister (oh and expect a lovely gift at the perfect time, November or so)....xxoo t