12 Things

Hello Everyone! It's Alicia. I am so thrilled to be here today. (Thank you Mrs. French!) Normally, I am daydreaming over at, Bloom, Grow, Love. But, it is certainly exciting to be somewhere new. I love anything that mixes up my daily routine this time of year. Throughout the fall and winter, I am very content in my little office, watching the snow fly. There are whole weekends when I declare it too cold to step outside. But, then suddenly (about the time that little groundhog reminds me there are still 6 weeks of winter), traveling, and drawing big vacation day XXXX's all over my calendar are all I can think about.

For me there is nothing better than...

1. Spontaneous trips, the kind where you say "let's just drive until we get tired and then get a hotel room", until at 3:oo a.m. you realize the closest town is 80 miles away, the rooms are full, and you have to sleep in the car.
2. Going somewhere there is a time change, so you can frequently refer to what time it would be at home, and why you are lucky to be away.3. The judging of the best food of the area... the best pizza in Chicago, the best clam chowder on the coast, the best fudge on Mackinac.
4. Returning home with a large stack of Polaroids. No need to take the film in to get developed or sort through digital files later.
5. Convertible, top down, driving Hwy. 101
6. Early cocktail hour.
7. Guidebooks that are worn before the trip begins.
8. The night before the flight.
9. Driving south until the air is scented with orange blossoms.
10. New "vacation" clothes packed in your suitcase, ready to be worn for the first time.
11. A little campground on the beach, where the stars are as bright as you have ever seen.
12. Coming home to your own bed.

What about you: What makes you want to pack your bags? Where do you go?
xoxo- A.