blissful sponsor: inleaf design

Soft, quiet elegance is what I think of when I think of my next lovely sponsor, Inleaf design.   We have been in touch through one another's blogs for quite some time and I have always been such a huge fan of Lotta's work.  She has a way of making me look at botanicals in a completely different way...focusing on details that I often times over-look.  This is the case because her prints are made from the actual leaves, making each piece truly an original.

I almost feel as if her pieces are too special for my abode just doesn't seem deserving of such perfection and careful detail...of course, I have completely gotten over that and now feel as if perhaps just what my little house needs is a sprinkling of Lotta's works of art.  Something this lovely is bound to pretty up the place....Now the tough part...choosing?  

I believe at one time or another I have wanted everything in her shop.  A constant rotation in my etsy "favorites" the very moment I have my eye on pieces with the Queen Anne's lace print...and that blue, I have always had a thing for that blue.
Lotta, thank you so much for lovingly creating pieces that can pretty up any space.  Your kindness, refinement, and attention to detail shines through brightly in all that you do.  I feel as if I haven't fully conveyed how perfect your pieces are and hope I have made up for it here...thank you for your support...
mrs. french