blissful sponsor: NouN: a person's place for things

It is beyond my pleasure to introduce you to this next sponsor....Noun: a person's place for things has been a favorite of mine since way back.  I have posted about it on bliss a few times and did a little series over at sfgirlbybay, where we were lucky enough to get a glimpse into the home of the brilliance behind Noun: Stephanie Sheldon and here husband Thomas (which, of course, was just as ecclectically perfect as I had thought it would be).

For those of you who are new to Noun, it is a magical shop that carries amazing things for your home.  A mix of new and old, that somehow come together to create a whimisical masterpiece.  NouN also prides itself on carrying the works of many local artists, guaranteeing a feel that is totally unique to this beautiful city we call home. In their words:
"At Noun, we love any thing:                     
                                                   that has a story behind it
                                                   that has more than one practical use
                                                   that's made to last
                                                   that's made locally
                                                   that's got good design
                                                   that helps reduce waste and clutter"

Since my last Noun feature much has changed.  Stephanie and Thomas have taken a slice of NouN and transformed it into a lovely online shop.  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.  It is honestly the only thing that seems fair; their shop is too grand for Portland to keep to itself...


Please also take the time to visit their website and blog: grammar girl...oh and a nice way to keep up with all that is new and exciting at Noun is to become a fan on facebook.

It is seems too perfect to be introducing Noun as a sponsor.  I have loved and admired this Portland treasure since its opening and have come to truly adore the sweet couple behind it; having them sponsor my bliss is truly an honor...thank you...
mrs. french