I heart Monday.

Jane here from Ill Seen, Ill Said! Mrs French is off gallivanting with her sister so I'm hearting this Monday on her behalf. She wanted to come back to a little Spring fashion inspiration, and I don't like to argue with the boss lady on her own blog, so here goes! Hope you enjoy my stand-in Monday hearts and drop in for a visit over at my blog where, as well as fashion, I blog about things other than fashion...

I heart this headband (even though I've short hair)
I heart these sandals so much it hurts
I heart this dress, by Toronto's own Comrags
Oh, and this dress too...
Last dress, I promise
I heart this necklace. And the person who made it. And her blog!
I heart these wool jersey leggings
I heart this sustainable bag from Toronto's FLUF
I heart this cami-blouse
I heart this perfect tee, and perfect tees in general
This necklace would make a perfect tee even more heartable
I heart finding new jeans that make my flat bottom look pertfect
I heart this easy cardi
I heart this sweet necklace (discovered through amazing Stephanie)
I heart this skirt
And this Whistles skirt
And this one too. Three's a charm!
I heart this silver boho bag
I've been hearting these ruffled sandals for weeks now...
And, finally, I uber-heart this sweet, ruffled lingerie

Have a happy Monday!