my in-your-dreams beach house...

No need to worry sweet friends, I have found my beach house and its pretty darn near my favorite beach in the entire world (our of the ones I have been to anyway)...

I first fixed upon this gem back in October...Design Sponge did a lovely before and after post in its honor and I have been in love with it ever since.  The only problem was at the time, it was not available...then the other day I was perusing my regular home listing sites and guess what (I bet you can)?  It's for sale!  I cannot tell you how excited I another problem arises...ummm I guess you can guess that too.  1.5 million may be a bit more than I can swing on a second home...yep just a tiny bit...xo mrs. french

if you happen to acquire it before I have a chance to, please feel free to email me...the frenches would love to be your summer guests...thanks so much...muwah!!!

....I told you I have been stalking it.

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