perideau designs and an amazing deal for blissful readers!

Perideau Designs is a relatively new discovery/friend of mine.  I often express on my bliss how cluttered and complicated my life and surroundings are.  Perideau Designs is the perfect example of what I strive for...."modern simplicity."  

Bridgette of the lovely Perideau Designs has managed to create personalized stationary, prints and tags that are both stylish and in some cases adorable (that owl just screams "B!").  I adore the subtle differences in fonts and the modern color palette...

I love them all so much I hope to acquire a personalized set of my very own, to send out with my photographs...I can't think of a more flattering accompaniment.  

Bridgett has also been so kind to offer a generous gift to blissful readers.  With every Perideau purchase receive a second item (of equal or lesser value) for free!  Get out!  I am completely serious!...just use the code "blissfulb" in the comment section of your etsy purchase...make sure you indicate which item you choose and any personalization requests.  Hurry!  offer lasts until March 31st (limit 2 free items).  

thank you Bridgett for finding me, so I could find are truly wonderful in every way...
mrs. french