A Few Things from Bonbon

the pale whitish home of jewelry designer Maria Calderara

a set table; photo by Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers

paper-cut curtain by bugs and fishes by lupin

moss bath mat by La Chanh Nguyen

a sort of ballerina by ever-lasting sprout

a photo by barbara vidal

a tribal necklace from morocco; photo by Maryam

unidentified velvet sofa found on ffffound

(my room) seasons: shadow from bama

by annie kammerer butrus

newer wave spring/summer '10 bonbon peek (shameless plug)

Hello Bliss readers. I'm Deb from Bonbon Oiseau and the blog Your Destiny is Stone Golden. So wonderful to be here, over in Mrs. French's abode while she's on holiday...

The truth is, I've been inspired by Traci for a while now... somehow the things she is drawn to, the photos she takes, the way she curates, have worked their way slowly and often into my inspiration boards and work...she is a fantastic influence with her impeccable ethereal taste, her sweet sweet ways and of course her addictions (love her addictions)...I *heart* to come around to see what she's found.

my favorite traci from her blissful images shop

I must admit, I have teased her before about her love of pale white rooms and spotless spare homes, most likely because even my white towels won't stay clean for 5 minutes--(I am a dirty girl) and I always need color around me (else you can see the dirt)...so today, in honor of my friend and to thank her for her constant inspiration, I have decided to give the lovely home above to Traci (but she may have to move from Sweden to Italy). I 've thrown in a little splash of color here and there so she knows it's me, a few pieces of art, a few decorations, some baubles to wear for nights out, but you know...she can get rid of them if she wants...oh and the table is set so you all can come over for dinner next time I housesit...