inmost light

victoria's photography is where fairytales come from...B and I could write a magical story about each and everyone.  She makes me want to throw all of my digital equipment away and shoot strictly with film.  Her shop, inmost light, is plumb full of photographs taken with vintage, film cameras.  I have always been a bit intimidated by film, but victoria has me rethinking that fear...the magic she musters inspires me in the most beautiful way.
a quote taken directly from her profile sums it up perfectly: "Miracles are rare in our real life, so I let them happen in my photographs more often."

I can't choose a favorite, it's impossible.  I remember back in the day when victoria contacted me regarding sponsorship...I took a peek at her shop and thought "she is just too good...", I am humbled by her skill.
If her photographs weren't inspirational enough, she makes jewelry...each piece taken directly from a fairytale victoria made...

xo mrs. french