blue hour designs

Do you remember this ring?  I haunts me.  It is the ring that got away...

this perfect ring was created by one of my beloved sponsors.  luckily the lovely alysia of blue hour designs has many beautifully chunky rings to choose from....
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her other pieces are exquisite as well.  A combination of stones and silver, lovingly manipulated to create pretty, earthy sculptures you can wear.

I feel as if alysia and I have much in common...she took sometime to discover what she should be when she grows up too.  After some serious education she still felt her true calling to be something artistic.  

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thank goodness!  she says her inspiration comes from what is around her.  I am think her surroundings must be nothing short of magical.  I am so lucky she found I could find her.

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on top of being an amazing artist, she seems as if she is a kind person...this comes across in the little emails I receive and the thoughtful comments she leaves on my bliss.  I love it when that happens...a woman as beautiful as the masterpieces she creates...thank you alysia of blue hour designs, an honor to have you on bliss...xo mrs. french